April 29, 2020

We caught up with assistant manager Paul Grimes for some soccer am teammates questions on the Winterton squad.

1-Who’s the best trainer??

I would say toss up between Callum Foster and Callum Chapman, but I’m going to go with Fozzie – he trains like he plays and will block shots in 5 a side with his face quite happily

2- Who’s the worst trainer??

Controversial but I’m going to go with Gaz Barlow. Wants to play at South American Sunday league pre season tempo

3- Quickest player??

Close one as we have a few sharp lads at the club at the minute. I’d go with Luke Anderson in a straight box to box I think

4- Slowest player??

Got to be Gaz Barlow or Matt Graves. It would be some race. I think Matt might just be slower!

5- Worst dressed??

Before Billy Ball left he would have won this hands down. Based on what I’ve seen I’m going to gamble on Jack Varley, if his jewellery is anything to go by I imagine his gear will be shocking as well

6- Team joker??

Nath Peat is always good for a one liner but I’m gonna go with Danny Buttle. Never fails to make me laugh and doesn’t seem to have any sort of filter or boundaries for his banter

7- Mr absent??

Jon Taylor last attended training July 2019, has 6 holidays a year and goes missing at the bar after every game so it’s got to be JT I’m afraid

8- Who spends the longest in-front of The mirror??

We have a couple that like to look the part after matches, Wayne Lineker (Nathan Peat) and Jamie Ture are always smooth but although he tries to hide it, Liam Nelthorpe absolutely loves a mirror so it’s got to be the Skipper for this one.