May 6, 2020
  • Most skillful??
    Chappy has to get this vote.. Skillz to pay the billz…
  • Most intelligent?? Jay Ture looks the most intelligent with his swag.. Grimesy seems to have a very high IQ.
  • Least intelligent??
    I could get this vote although Craig Nelly is on a par.
  • Club DJ?? Either Jay or Varley. Both play the same London grime. Makes me wanna shank up before games, ya get me…
  • One to watch??
    Nath Popple is only 18 and he is the best goalkeeper in the league bar none.. There is a few who could step up to a higher level easily..
  • Hardman??
    Callum ‘Terminator’ Foster. He would head oncoming train that lad.
  • Biggest moaner??
    Liam Nelly during games. His outbursts make me laugh.
  • Biggest diva??
    This would have to go to Josh Street as he missed the biggest game of the season to go to Wales with his lass. Apparently he took her to Bangor!!

Thank you goes to everyone who has contributed towards the crowdfunder page, there is still plenty of days left to contribute and some great rewards on offer, the management team and players will be donating a large sum in the next few days UTR!!