May 14, 2020

1- Worst trainer– Probably the gaffer, he try’s to get involved but he still can’t run properly.

2- Best trainer– Either fozzy or jack but a lot of Jack’s effort is just running around like a bit of a headless chicken.

3- One to watch– Nathan Popple, he’s only young but he’s class already, he’s only going to get better.

4- Joker– Danny Buttle, hes always coming out with bad puns & dad jokes but they make me laugh. I think a lot of them go over the younger lads heads.

5- Future manager– I can’t really imagine any of the lads been a manager in the future, I definitely wont be.

6- Biggest moaner– All of the Nelthorpes, and that includes Kev when he’s not filling in at linesman.

7- Quickest player– There’s a few, Luke’s sharp, jamie said he’d do him in a race though but I’m gonna go with Streety as long as he hasn’t indulged to much since the season finished.

8- Longest in front of the mirror– Craig Nelthorpe just edges his brother.

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