May 19, 2020

1-Most skillful- Most skillful has to be Bernardo, magic on the ball.

2- Slowest player- Slowest probably myself wrighty or Barlow reckon it’d be a close one

3- Quickest player- Quickest I reckon Luke Anderson (but still loves standing offside)

4- Hardman- Hardman would be the nelthorpes, get on the wrong side of one and they’re both on you

5- Most intelligent- Most intelligent is difficult but gonna say Matty Alison just because he’s still in education

6- Best trainer- Fozzy, trains like it’s a game great attitude to have

7- Always late- Always late definitely Jamie Ture, don’t think he was on time to one game this season

8- Longest in front of mirror- difficult to say but definitely not grimesy just because he lacks a head of hair (sorry grimes)