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June 3, 2019
Paul Grimes offers his updates on the summer so far and preparations for a fresh start in pre season training which is due to start in a few weeks time.
What are your plans for the summer before pre season training begins?
No plans as such before we start back in a few weeks but as part of the management team we have ongoing conversations about anything and everything in preparation for the new season. Scott loves to message me with the latest gossip about who is signing who so I don’t really get a break! Luckily we were able to start planning almost straight away and have a clear idea on what needs looking at over summer.
What is your role for next season within the team/coaching setup?
With regards my own role I’m still not sure. After the final game of last season I decided I wasn’t going to play at all anymore and retire completely. I don’t want to sign on as a player and be drafted in every now and again when we are short; so would rather stop playing and step away from that side completely. I do still need to have a proper chat with Scott and see what he wants me to do. If he says there is still a role on the pitch for me on a regular basis I will consider that. If not, then I will help from the sidelines in my capacity as his assistant.
How do you see your role within the coaching team for next season?
I enjoy the coaching side of things and I’m lucky enough that Scott allows me to do my own sessions whenever we train. We obviously talk about things we want to work on and he lets me get on with it alongside JT. I’m happy enough taking on whatever role he wants me to do and feels I can have an impact on. On match days I usually have to take my lead off Scott and JT to see if I am good cop or bad cop on that particular day!
Any plans for early pre season training sessions?
Pre Season has moved on a bit from when I first started playing Non League football. The lads generally come back in good shape and I think most have a few weeks rest and do little bits themselves before coming back with the team. I think it’s a pride thing because nobody wants to be too far behind their mates in terms of fitness. That baseline of fitness makes pre season a lot easier for the management because we can then focus on sharpness rather than flogging them on long, boring runs. I think the lads can expect a mixture of everything over the few weeks before the season, with the ultimate aim of peaking as we go into August.
What are you looking forward too most from pre season training?
The best bit about pre season for us is that we can work with the players on a regular basis. In the season you might train once a week and then a game at the weekend. There is very little time to work on anything substantial because you’re bouncing from game to game with points on the line. Friendlies allow you to try things safe in the knowledge it won’t cost you points if it doesn’t work out. There is also always a buzz around the new signings, how they will fit in and improve the squad. It’s a fresh start for anyone that turns up as last season is soon forgotten. Hopefully we have a good pre season and are ready to go when August comes around.


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